Green Island Bowling Club

What is Etiquette?

Lawn bowls etiquette refers to guidelines which control the way players behave when bowling. They ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone playing. ​​​​​​​

1. Be on Time

Timekeeping is one of the oldest rules on courtesy.  Show your opponents respect by arriving on time.  Arriving on time will also give you adequate time to organise your equipment  before the game. 

2. Dress Appropriately

Ensure that you know the dress code for the game to avoid embarrassing your team, yourself or your club. 

3. Stand Still When Someone is About to Bowl

Lawn bowls is a game of concentration. Distractions are not wanted when playing, and for this reason, as a courtesy to other players, you should avoid moving around when someone else is playing. If you are at the head, wait until the person playing is done bowling, then move. If you are at the same end as the player delivering the bowl, stay away from the mat and the player’s line of vision. You are expected to stand at least one meter behind the mat.  Also, stay silent during the game - being loud is equally distractive.

4. Be Alert as You Walk Around Adjacent Rinks

Rinks are parallel to each other, which means the people next to you are involved in a completely different game. When walking to a game, to the clubhouse or anywhere around the green, be observant.  It’s best to step off the rink and walk around the outside if you need to get somewhere as opposed to walking on adjacent or vacant rinks. Also, sitting on the banks while waiting to play is not encouraged. 

5. Observe the Rules of Possession

After you have delivered a bowl, you have two choices. You can track your bowl, but you must be at the head when it stops rolling. Or you can choose to stay at the mat, but you must be there when the bowl stops. By observing this rule, you ensure that the next player gets to play immediately when your turn is over. Once your bowl stops rolling, the other player or team have possession of the rink.

6. Acknowledgments 

Congratulating an opponent on an exceptional bowl is welcomed.

As happy as we might be with a bowl we’ve bowled, or one that our teammates have bowled, keep the celebration within order. Avoid any excessive celebration, shouting or any other gestures.

7. Do Not Drop That Bowl

Dropping or throwing bowls on to the surface of the green is frowned upon. Bowling greens are delicate and dropping bowls on them could damage them. 

8. Shake Hands

It is good sportsmanship to shake hands before and after a game and say "good bowls" or good bowling". 

9. Watch your language

Respect your fellow players and refrain from using foul language. 

10. Keep Complaints to yourself

The green may not have been as smooth as you expected but remember "a good workman never blames his tools".