Green Island Bowling Club

Getting Started

If you have ever thought about having a go at bowls but don’t know where to start, then look no further.

It doesn't matter your age, sex or sporting ability...bowls is a sport for EVERYONE!!! 

Contact our secretary to help get you started:

Lee Grigg    027 325 1629

Free Coaching

We have a great coach (Marilyn Irvine) available to help with the initial basics, and will provide coaching all the way through your Junior years.  That's right, you can be in your 70's and be classed as a Junior :)

During the summer season Marilyn organises group coaching sessions every Monday at 6pm.  She is also more than happy to arrange special coaching sessions at a time that is convenient to you. 

Feel free to contact Marilyn for more coaching info:

Marilyn Irvine   027 242 5962

What Should I Wear

Just wear something you are comfortable in.  We do ask however that you wear flat soled shoes to help protect the green. 

Once you join, you will have to get a GIBC uniform which is a playing shirt, jacket and either green or white trousers.  We also have used good condition uniforms available.  

How Much Does It Cost

We try to make it as inexpensive as possible to get you started.

First year of membership is absolutely FREE!

While you are learning you can use the club bowls. Club bowls are available so you can try the different sizes and brands to see what suits you best before you commit to purchasing a set. 

We recommend you take your time playing with different bowls before you decide on making a purchase.  

Bowls can be purchased second hand and can be purchased for  $200 - 600. New sets are approximately $800.

Our coach and members are always willing to give advise on what type of bowl would be best suited.

There are some other accessories you may wish to purchase along the way, such as a measure, chalk spray, polishing cloth etc.  These however do not need to be purchased immediately.